Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sorry I havent posted anything new in a while...Im insanely busy with freelance
Thanks for checkin back. I hope to post some new stuff soon


Yumi-Fan said...

It´s okay, Shellie. Try take a look at the previous post for a puffy homage^^

Gidddy Goodness said...

i really love your drawings so much!! i can't wait to see more!!

Shellie K said...

Thanks giddy goodness.
you are now linked !

burgerlog said...

hey shellie-
I am glad you like the owl, thanks= I hope you are well!

Scott O. said...

Oh man oh man oh man oh MAN! How much longer do we have to WAIT!?


shellie said...

on the board or the blog !!! ever!

Jeff Newman said...

Hey Shellie,

Thanks for the compliment on Hippo! Allow me to return the favor: your work is awesome.

That is all,


Yumi-Fan said...

Well Shellie, I hope you get back^^ I wish you the best, but not only me but also everyone who enjoyed your work^^